Our Policies

Article 1. Booking

It is recommended to anyone wishing to stay at Griffintown Hotel to book their room in advance and to obtain a written confirmation from the hotel. A hotel contract is deemed to be concluded as soon as the booking is agreed upon.

When making a booking, a guest will need to supply a credit card number. Bookings made through the website are effective from the moment the booking fees are charged. In case the financial institution refuses to authorize the transaction, the hotel may cancel the booking, without compensation.

The hotel reserves the right to obtain a credit card pre-authorization before the arrival date.

The hotel reserves the right to cancel any booking in case a major issue arises, prioritizing relocation within the establishment, without compensation.

In case of a modified or cancelled booking, all guests are required to inform the hotel twenty-four (24) hours in advance. If a guest fails to notify the hotel within this period, the fee of the first night of accommodation shall be kept by the establishment. Furthermore, a rental term that has begun is owed in full, up to a maximum of four (4) weeks.

Late check-ins and early checkouts cannot result in a refund. In the case of a no-show, or last-minute cancellation, the hotel will require the fee of the first night of accommodation and will have the possibility to relet the room, from noon the following day. These conditions also apply in the case of a booking error by the guest (date, number of rooms, type of room, duration of stay, etc.).

The visitor’s tax is never included in the booking price. It is in effect for all bookings and payable upon the guest’s arrival. For any monthly payment agreement, a written authorization from the hotel is required.

For stays exceeding thirty-two (32) consecutive nights, the visitor’s tax will automatically be subtracted from the total amount payable.

Article 2. Reception

Guests must pay for their stay when checking in.

A valid government-issued photo ID and a valid credit card in the same name as the booking are required upon check-in at the front desk.

A pre-authorization for the total amount of the stay, as well as a two-hundred-and-fifty-dollar ($ 250.00) security deposit will be retained. Accepted methods of payment are Visa, MasterCard and American Express. The hotel reserves the right to increase this amount to cover expenses that may be incurred as well as all additional fees. This may be the case for group bookings and long stays.

Check-in starts at 4 p.m. Early check-ins are possible depending on the room’s availability. A fee of one hundred dollars ($100) will be applicable, where appropriate.

Checkouts are before 11 a.m. Late checkouts are subject to an additional fee of one hundred dollars ($100). After 3 p.m., the total price of an additional night will be charged.

The hotel reserves the right to refuse entry to guests wearing indecent and unkempt clothing as well as to guests whose behaviour is aggressive, loud or incorrect, or who appear intoxicated. This is also valid for guests whose behaviour is contrary to public morality and public order.

Any person wishing to stay at the hotel is required to identify themselves as well as the people accompanying them.

Rooms are offered with no telephone. At booking time and upon check-in, the hotel requires the guest’s email address or mobile phone number. Upon request by a guest, the hotel will erase their contact information from the secure system. Guest contact information will never be transmitted to third parties, except in cases listed in Article 19 of these regulations.

Article 3. Opening and service hours

The front desk is open for requests at all times. The hotel asks for a forty-eight (48)-hour delay for any request requiring specific action from the Griffintown Hotel team. An eighteen percent (18%) service fee will be charged for any delivery to the room.

Article 4. Occupation of the rooms

Guests are not allowed to bring to their rooms third parties who have not been identified by the hotel, without authorization. Furthermore, guests are not allowed to sublet a room. It is also forbidden to let a room to a number of people higher than that allowed for the type of room being rented. The Griffintown Hotel apartments are considered a place of rest. All business activities within its walls are strictly prohibited. Should such a situation occur, guests will be asked to pay the rental fee in full and vacate the premises immediately.

Article 5. Room access and storage

Upon check-in, unless agreed upon by the hotel, guests cannot gain access to their room until 4 p.m. Electronic keys will be supplied by the hotel for the duration of the stay. Should there be any modification to the stay, guests will need to go to the front desk to obtain a new set of keys.

The hotel retains its right to access the room during the stay. The hotel reserves the right to enter the room during a guest’s stay in case of doubt, complaint or major issue. If the situation is not urgent, the hotel undertakes to notify the guest of the visit twenty-four (24) hours in advance.

The hotel has no luggage storage. Therefore, the hotel reserves the right to refuse storage for an item, before or after the stay. If storage becomes possible in an available space within the hotel, fees for one or more additional nights may apply depending on the guest’s requests.

Article 6. Key management

Room keys are electronic keys that guests must keep with them. They cannot entrust it to a third party. For an additional visitor’s key, a request must be made at the front desk, with the name of the person to whom this key will be given. All keys must be returned upon checkout.

A parking card is also loaned to guests who pay for this service and who ask to access the parking lot. This card gives access to the hotel’s underground parking. In case a card is not returned, the hotel will charge up to fifty dollars ($50) per missing card. The hotel will take this amount from the guest’s credit card, without further notice.

Article 7. Noise and disturbance

Disturbances and excessive noise are prohibited. Guests causing disorder, of any kind whatsoever, will be asked to leave the hotel immediately. They will not be able to obtain a refund of their stay. In the interest of the establishment’s peace and quiet, all noise must cease between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

For the respect and rest of other residents, guests must not be noisy. All excessive neighbouring noise, caused by a guest or a person accompanying them, shall result in the eviction of the guest. Excessive noise resulting in the refunding of other residents who have been inconvenienced, will be compensated using the credit card of the guest responsible for the disturbance.

Article 8. Responsibilities

Guests are fully responsible for any person accompanying them. It is prohibited to leave an unattended child in a room or elsewhere in the hotel.

All articles, accessories, equipment, material and amenities put at a guest’s disposal during their stay must remain in good condition. A guest will be liable for any costs resulting from the replacement or repair of these items. Upon checkout, a verification will be carried out before the security deposit is returned. The invoice featuring the final amount will be sent to the guest, when appropriate.

Guests are responsible to maintain all the goods that put at their disposal. In the event of a problem, it is the guest’s responsibility to notify the front desk as soon as possible. If no notification is made, all costs incurred will be charged to the guest.

Any type of barbecue or decoration on the balcony is strictly forbidden. Any alteration to the design of the establishment is strictly forbidden.

In the event of a voluntary or involuntary degradation of materials, objects or furniture belonging to the hotel, the guest responsible will be liable for the full reimbursement of replacement costs or other related costs, such as maintenance services, management and repair fees, delivery fees, customs duties, loss of rental possibilities for the duration of the work, etc.

The hotel reserves the right to deduct, after the fact, the amount incurred for undeclared drinks as well as damages to the room. This amount will be deducted from the method of payment supplied upon check-in. The hotel shall be under no obligation to notify the guest, but will provide an invoice upon request.

At all times, the hotel shall require a cleaning fee if the room is left in a condition deemed “unsuitable.”

Article 9. Pets

Pets are allowed, with a forty-five-dollar ($45) supplement per pet per stay. An additional security deposit of four hundred dollar ($400) will be required upon check-in.

Animals, as accepted by the hotel, remain the responsibility of the guest who brings them. It is forbidden to leave an animal unattended in the room, or elsewhere in the hotel. All animals must be on a leash, or a transportation cage, at all times, in the common spaces of the Griffintown Hotel.

The hotel reserves the right to increase the amount of the security deposit in order to guarantee the expenses and cover all additional fees that may be incurred. Any damage, whether voluntary or involuntary, as well as all costs related to additional cleaning (treatment of odours, cleaning of pet hair on furniture, etc.) will be charged in full to the guest who occupied the room.

If an animal disturbs the peace and quiet of the hotel or causes excessive damage to the room or other spaces within the hotel, the animal in question will have to be immediately relocated, or the guest will be required to pay all charges and leave immediately.

It is forbidden to walk a pet in the common spaces of the Griffintown Hotel. Any excrement or urine found on the floor will result in a two-hundred-and-fifty-dollar ($250) fee.

Article 10. Prohibitions

For reasons of security and the respect of others, it is strictly forbidden to smoke in all areas of the hotel (private and common).

In accordance with the law, smoking is prohibited in all enclosed public places and in tourist accommodation establishments covered by the Act respecting tourist accommodation establishments, including room balconies.

Since November 26, 2014, smoking has been prohibited within nine (9) metres of any door or window that opens as well as on the hotel’s outdoor and common terrace. If the nine (9) metre radius ends beyond a sidewalk or the property on which the building is located, the smoker simply must go to the edge of the sidewalk or property in question.

Smoking in the hotel will result in an additional charge of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) for the guest as well as a lawsuit in case of further damages related to cigarette smoke or others.

Any untimely activation of the fire alarm caused by a failure to comply with this provision may result in a one-thousand-dollar ($1,000) fee charged to the guest, in order to cover expenses related to the reactivation of the fire safety system. Depending on the degree of damage caused by the water sprinklers, the bill may be higher.

The use of electronic cigarettes, candles, incense and essential oils (diffuser, vaporizer) is prohibited. A two-hundred-and-fifty-dollar ($250) fee will automatically be applied if odours are detected. All other costs related to this issue (including compensation) will be charged in full to the guest.

Article 11. Parking

Depending on availability, the Griffintown Hotel offers indoor parking spaces at a cost of thirty-eight dollars ($38) per night.

A credit card, an ID as well as the licence plate number will be required.

Guests must first check in at the front desk and mention that they wish to use a parking space. A spot will then be assigned and an access card will then be given to them.

The Griffintown Hotel does not offer valet service.

The Griffintown Hotel is not responsible for any theft or break-in that may occur in the parking lot.

Depending on availability, electric charging stations are also available at the cost of three dollars ($3) per hour or ten dollars ($10) per charge.

Located in the indoor parking lot, a bicycle rack is also available for Griffintown Hotel guests.

Please note that the aforementioned spaces are limited and that the hotel cannot guarantee their availability.

Article 12. Weekly cleaning and cleaning after checking out

In the case of stays exceeding seven (7) days, a mandatory one (1)-hour weekly cleaning must be planned with the Griffintown Hotel team. This cleaning is included in the room price. 

All checkouts include regular cleaning. An eighty dollar ($80) fee applies to all cleaning requiring special attention or overtime. Guests are responsible for this fee, which will be charged to their credit card. An invoice may be sent by email upon request.

Article 13. Additional equipment

The hotel offers all its residents the possibility to rent vacuum cleaners, umbrellas and other household items, upon request and depending on their availability, for a fee and security deposits.

The hotel also offers all its residents the possibility to purchase some products and services available from the front desk. Costs related to these purchases will automatically be charged to the credit card on file.

Article 14. Room inclusions

Rooms are equipped with several hundred items to enhance short stays. The hotel is not responsible for providing additional bedding or giving free additional articles upon a guest’s request. For any such request, fees will apply. A list of prices will be provided upon request. Prices are subject to change without notice.

For a child under two (2), a cot may be provided upon request (subject to availability) for free.

For children two (2) years and older, an extra bed may be provided upon request (subject to availability) for a fee of fifty dollars ($50).

Only one additional bed per room is permitted. Only one set of sheets will be provided.

These fees will not automatically be calculated in the total amount of the booking and will need to be paid separately, directly with the establishment.

Article 15. Degradation

Guests must use the room and the goods at their disposal in a reasonable manner.

Rooms are checked before each stay and are deemed to be in good condition. Guests are asked to notify the front desk of any shortcomings immediately.

Guests are responsible for maintaining the room and the items in good condition. In case of degradation, the hotel reserves the right to charge repair or replacement costs to the guest. The same goes for any violation noted after a guest’s check-out, in which case the amount of the compensations will be charged to their card.

Article 16. Claims

Any claim related to the quality of the services provided by the hotel must be presented by guests on the spot. Guests will not be able to complain of inconveniences related to the condition of their room at a later time. If no complaint is received within forty-eight (48) hours of checkout, a guest will be deemed to have waived all claims against the hotel.

Article 17. Forgotten personal items

Objects left behind or abandoned may be sold in accordance with the law. If a guest asks for their belongings to be returned to them by mail or messenger, this will be done with mandatory tracking and insurance for objects of value. The package will be sent after said guest has paid for the shipping costs.

Article 18. Acceptance of the regulations and general conditions

The hotel’s internal regulations apply to all bookings. Any stay implies acceptance of these regulations. Failure to comply with the above provisions will result in the immediate termination of the contract and the charging of any fees such a termination may incur. In such a case, the guest will be asked to leave the establishment immediately, without any compensation.

Article 19. Privacy policy

The Griffintown Hotel is committed to protecting the privacy and the security of personal information.

This policy describes how the hotel processes personal information, whether it was collected at the time the booking was made, from the use of the website, from the newsletter or otherwise. This policy also explains how guests can consult and correct, if needed, the personal information that the hotel keeps, as well as the way cookies are used on the website.

When visiting the Griffintown Hotel’s website, creating an account through the website, communicating with the hotel or agreeing to receive emails from the Griffintown Hotel, guests agree to the terms and conditions of this policy.

This policy does not apply to websites operated by third parties. The Griffintown Hotel is therefore not liable for their policies, procedures or practices in terms of protection of privacy.

By providing personal information, guests give their consent to its collection and its use for the purpose of improving customer service and the hotel’s marketing or conducting market research.

Information may also be disclosed to government authorities and law enforcement agencies, where require by applicable law. More precisely, the hotel may disclose personal information and other information if compelled to do so by law, or in response to a court order or a subpoena, or in response to a government search warrant that, on its face, appears legitimate, or otherwise to cooperate with such government authorities and such law enforcement agencies.


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